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Yet, one mistake from college comes back to haunt her and she is drawn back into the world of white dominance as she is blackmailed into submission.As much as I hated to admit it, her pussy tasted amazing. I resumed licking, my head spinning with how Johnathan would react if he learned of my submission. "Cock sucking and cunt munching." I winced at the simplicity of how she saw me, yet based on her treatment of me, right from when she first met me, it shouldn't have come as any surprise.It may have been because I was completely famished, but I eagerly lapped her cunt. "I'm submissive and unable to resist white cock," I answered. I kept licking, wanting to get her off and try to figure a way out of my current predicament.even though each made the body and mind feel better when taken. I knew I needed to save myself from the downward spiral I was currently in. to protect my husband from entering into a similar freefall. I sniffed and licked her other pump, my head contemplating the full spectrum of my submissive plight. I felt compelled to obey, regardless of how menial, how humiliating the task. "Crawl to the middle of my office and get yourself off," she ordered."Thank you, Mistress," I nodded, quickly crawling from out of my submissive desk cave and to the open room.I was staring at the phone knowing I was already way too deep in this submissive blackmail to stand up for myself. "Beg, bitch," she demanded, still holding the camera at me. I lapped with insatiable lust wanting to get her off and taste the full flood of her nectar. I craved humiliation in the same way a smoker craves nicotine or a drug addict craves the high...Wanting to bury my face back in her cunt, I begged, "Please Mistress, let your lesbiana puta lick your beautiful, superior, white pussy perfection." "What's puta? putting it in such simplistic terms sent a shudder up my spine as I moved to the black pumps.Summary: Submissive slut is literally trained to be a good loyal pet.Note: This is dedicated to the real Johnathan and Elizabeth who inspired the story.Goldstein: Cum Bucket, You will be in my office at eleven-thirty. Apparently, according to the video, you used the Sybian without permission. Anxiety, sexual hunger and a dildo deep in one's cunt can really be counter-productive. "Candace, take a seat on the couch," my Mistress ordered. "Aaaaaaah," I screamed, surprised by both the sudden slap and the searing pain. After fifteen minutes of excruciating silence, she asked, "Do you want to eat my cunt? "Yes, Mistress," I nodded, although that was something I had never done.Of course, cum buckets only get to come when given permission by their superiors. Now get to work, the Plasterton account needs to be done before you leave today. At , not wanting to be late, I made my way back to Ms. I kept my head down the whole way there, not making eye contact with the few people I passed. "Please, ma'am, this is making me very uncomfortable," Candace replied. "With each slap you will tell me what you are and what you want," Ms. "I'm a cock craving cum slut who wants to suck every employee here," I declared, which once I said it, was suddenly an appealing idea. As the pain burned through me, my cunt leaked slightly from the humiliation, "I'm a Dominican cum bucket for white cunt and cock." SLAP! " "Yes, Mistress," I admitted, actually very curious what she tasted like. She ordered, "Crawl under my desk, slut." "Yes, Mistress," I nodded, undeniably excited to taste her.


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