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Mistress wearing lipstick for smoking show This is a very popular one as well, I have had many requests for smoking sessions.This is also known as ( capnolagnia) the sight of seeing someone smoke can be hugely arousing to the fetishist.The thought of dominant women blowing smoke at them or using their mouth as an ashtray is very arousing for them.

I have always said you can turn anything into a fetish if you think about it often enough.

It is a hard one to dissect why people like particular things, in particular, the weird fetishes but I have always felt it relates to something from a childhood experience.

Just select the live feeds from the ones below and start interacting live today.

No sign up required - Watch Free Cams 247, Ordinary people enjoying the kinkier side of life - Take a Look below Over the years of chatting online to many fetishists, I have gathered information to share with you about the most asked for requests for sexual fetishism.

There are a well-known sub-fetish in regards to the effects and harm that smoking can cause people, this has been known as the black lung Is by far one of the most popular requests on a daily basis for any female working in the adult entertainment side of things, either by live webcam or by making video clips or email requests, even phone sex lines are busy with this request.

I have known many subs who have this but they also have the need to be a human ashtray.

This tends to come with those who like wearing diapers and although the two sound similar that is actually very untrue.

I have spoken to many who do not want any adult baby scenario they just love the look and feel of the diaper they have on.

These are requests that were asked of me or other girls and in particular those in the bdsm cam scene.

I am starting them as in their popularity and requests that I had on a daily basis. I will go into detail on the weirdest ones I have encountered on another page1) foot worship, feet fetish porn and foot sex is some of the names this is known by, this is probably one of the biggest ones and without a doubt the most requested one.


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