Fox 8 dating in the dark

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While investigating she heard a commotion around the corner from her position, but when she inspected it there was nobody there.

On the opera's stage Pachyderma was wailing over the fact that the Diva Diamond was stolen.

Despite greatly enjoying the kiss, Carmelita was enraged immediately after discovering that the distraction had allowed Sly and his gang to escape arrest by handcuffing her to the catwalk railing but later frees herself.

Sometime after the defeat of Clockwerk, Carmelita was invited to a party in Monaco held by Beverly D'Oinkeau and her fiancé Dimitri Lousteau.

She was tasked by D'Oinkeau to protect the Venus de Whalo, a valuable statue, from any harm.

While Carmelita was viewing the statue, three guards arrived and informed D'Oinkeau that they had apprehended an intruder fitting the description of Sly Cooper, in the attic.

For securing the opera house, protecting the Diva Diamond and arresting Pierre, Carmelita was given a promotion by Barkley.

This would be the first time of many that she and Sly would encounter each other.

Carmelita then offered her jetpack to him when he went to finish Clockwerk off, and further assisted in the battle by shooting holes within the owl's interior design, allowing Sly to fire in the weak spots that formed as a result.

Once Clockwerk was defeated, Carmelita confronted Sly on a catwalk above the volcano crater.


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