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In December and January, New York City had several snow storms which left snow build-up. Snow covering the streets is exciting – the terrain is completely different and fun to crunch crunch crunch while walking through the city. Maybe you're more successful than I am at figuring out whether they think gays should be allowed to marry or not. First off, much pointing at hypocrisy in the Democratic camp, much of which I agree with, and which is entirely irrelevant to the question at hand: Does the WSJ support gay marriage?

Then there is the "you asked for it" parry, pointing out that none of this would have happened if it weren't for activist judges. Then, we get "let the people decide," lauding Bush's "federalist" solution.

Ale co se týká peněz tak jediným problémem je, že všechno co vydělá utratí, baví ji nakupovat ale to bude spíš ženská vlastnost než nějaká specifická národnostní.

Jako upřímně bych nikomu cizinku za manželku nedoporučoval pokud není hodně zkušený a nedokáže předejít všem problémům.

If the invitation says it's a wedding, and you attend, you support gay marriage.

And it's an insult to your hosts to claim later that you don't.

This is why it is important to know, should gays have equal rights as straights?

If the answer is yes, then denying them marriage on account of the feelings of bigots is a cop-out. In the very same day, a woman had had a heart attack during a screening of 'The Passion' and the guy who played Judas in 'Jesus Christ Superstar' died.

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