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Tonight on Koffee with Karan, We saw gallons of blushes and smirks, when the not so newly weds, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput, spilled each other’s secrets.Karan being the witty one himself, didn’t shy away from asking the weirdest of questions.You give her your love face, your happy face, contorted into an face.

Although Mira was a debutant for the show, she showed immense courage to answer and not to surrender to Karan’s sly ways.

Shahid was a 2 time winner of the Koffee hamper already and was behaving like a veteran.

He was lonely and ready for commitment before Mira came and completed him.

Mira didn’t shy away from the questions which hinted towards their romantic life as well.

Does it that mean Naked is the new definition of cozy?

This couple set the’ rapid fire’ round on fire and were fierce competition for one another.

Shahid also calls Mira the “normal” he always wanted and he never was.

Everyone in the film industry is fatally happy and Mira is his rescue.

You make the call to him, but he can’t hear you when the conveyor belts of digestion have started through your lower torso warehouse.

Clothes are off, condom is on and sex is happening and all you can think about is how much longer you have to concentrate on squeezing your sphincter in order not to let one seep out.


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