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She has a bright personality and supports her family by herself.its na open ended ending ...like Proposal Daisakusen Japanese drama but it does have its guessing game seduction to it that I like More so it was just bits or small scenes but I really love that Yoo Ri was asking questions towards the Ajumas' on how she should handle the breakup.....And it does show the camaraderie that women posses especially when it comes to topics of the heart There's something sweet and comforting that a vastly experienced and DIGNIFIED woman can answer confidently in any situation @spinach, As I can see you really do know about the taste difference with person, I would really like to know, who would you have picked to play the lead roles to make that drama more descent than what it really is(given you the choice)? Unconnected events, unnecessary characters and unsatisfactory ending.

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The choir also love a challenge and take part in competitions across the country.The law of tree left at the very end but still not enoug explanation about memory lost and you have a feeling that you missed 2 episodes between 15th and 16th episode in fact.Yoo Ri doesn't seem like a cop girl at all, she can't run and i doubt if she is able to catch a cat not mention the criminal.Why do you want to waste your time for something not for your liking?Kim Soeun did better jobs in other drama other than in this but it doesn't mean she never gave any justice for her roles - she was good in Liar Game, Scholar Who Walks The Night, Horse Doctor, Iron Empress.The CD “Reflections” features Memory, Evergreen, Send in the Clowns, Fields of Gold and many more.Our Christmas CD is also available featuring many beautiful Christmas songs. 1085887 New members to The Swift Singers are always welcome.If you want to see superb acting, then go watch heavier drama.What kind of superb acting you want to see when the scenes are pretty much light ones during the first few episodes? Soeun has been acting for i guess over a decade already and yet she cant give a superb acting to whatever role given to her. Actors should really be careful in choosing the right project.From the poster where it is somehow suggested that pollen makes people to pass out till the very end where you have no idea why main lead lost his memory in fact.And of course there is my favourite (as i personally call it) the one bench in a whole Seoul - you have no idea how this is possible but main leads always bump into each other or when main character finds his women just like that running around the streets, or beach no matter the fact that beach is 20 km long or in the city you have millions of citizens (how come? Pollens where not explaind, cafe is almost all the time empty, some characters are totally unnecessary - younger sister or boss & cherry plot. Grandpa disappeard for 10 episodes without any explanation although at the beginning he seems important for that story - I was sure that he was kiddnapped by aliens or something.


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