Error validating execution rights for agent

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Since SQL failed to run the command, DPM will not know about this failure and will continue to display the protection status of the data sources as Green/OK.

Below are a few things that you can check to troubleshoot the scheduled backup job failures.

incremental syncs, express full, etc.) for each data source and other maintenance jobs.

A component called Trigger is used to invoke the DPM engine by passing the Job Definition ID for the data source to begin execution of the backup job.

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Forget paying full price for recent hits, indie gems, and timeless classics. Members also get access to the Humble Trove, a catalog of 50 DRM-free games and Humble Originals!We have seen cases where recovery point jobs were not getting executed as scheduled but the protection status of respective data sources continue to appear as Green/OK in the DPM console.Since the protection status for these data sources are displayed as Green/OK, the DPM administrator might think that everything is going well when actually it is not.As you can imagine, when a scheduled backup job fails to be invoked by SQL, DPM doesn’t raise any alerts for those job failures since it was a failure on the SQL side.However, these events are captured in the Application Event log as SQL, Windows Error Reporting or MSDPM events, depending on root of the problem.I tried entering the product code for my Digital Imperial Edition, but wasn't able to activate the game in my Steam Library.(Received "invalid product code" error in the Steam client.) Will this be possible?For key redemption, a free Blizzard account is required.PC versions of Destiny 2 can only be activated in the region in which it is purchased.Trigger is run by the SQL Agent Scheduler at the scheduled time via the following command syntax: (This path may differ depending on DPM version, and whether this is an upgrade (same path) or a fresh install (different path).If for some reason the command fails to run and call triggerjob.exe, the DPM engine will not be invoked and thus the backup job will not be executed.


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