Equity and welfarism accommodating political commit

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An alternative view expands on this last-mentioned option: People should be treated as equals, should treat one another as equals, should relate as equals, or enjoy an equality of social status of some sort.Egalitarian doctrines tend to rest on a background idea that all human persons are equal in fundamental worth or moral status.

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The discussion to come often merges these questions, the assumption being that if equality is valuable, that is at least one good reason for thinking one should bring it about.

In modern democratic societies, the term “egalitarian” is often used to refer to a position that favors, for any of a wide array of reasons, a greater degree of equality of income and wealth across persons than currently exists.

Egalitarianism is a contested concept in social and political thought.

One might care about human equality in many ways, for many reasons.

As currently used, the label “egalitarian” does not necessarily indicate that the doctrine so called holds that it is desirable that people's condition be made the same in any respect or that people ought to be treated the same in any respect.


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