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Has your campus recently experienced a safety or security-related incident that made a blip (or a series of blips) in the campus, local, regional and/or national news?

Are you interested in obtaining an objective evaluation of the institution’s response to the incident from a Clery Act perspective by leading experts in the field?

We have developed a methodology for conducting an off-site review of 12 key compliance areas that, where deficient, tend to suggest more systemic compliance failures.

This type of information is low-hanging fruit for a Department of Education Media Review or Audit.

Have you considered whether information that is publicly-available, for example on your institution’s website is demonstrating compliance with the Clery Act, or providing evidence to the contrary?

Would your institution benefit from a low-cost, independent assessment of publicly-available consumer information?

Click here to learn more about our national Clery Act Compliance training programs or to register an individual to attend one of the training programs. Stafford & Associates has developed a comprehensive Title IX Audit and Compliance Service that blends on-site assessment with thorough off-site document/policy review informed by stakeholder interviews. Stafford & Associates Title IX Audit and Compliance Services will include the following: D.

Stafford & Associates will complete a basic review of the existing Sexual Misconduct Policy to ensure compliance with the requirements outlined by the Office for Civil Rights and the Violence Against Women Act.

DSA breaks the Clery Act into more than 20 areas and conducts a review of each topic area to evaluate the compliance efforts in each area.

The review process typically includes an audit of the campus police/public safety records, student conduct records and records from local law enforcement to ensure that incidents are being collected, classified and counted correctly and the reported statistics are accurate.


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