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But one of the Moms said she wanted to go shopping on her own. When he was eight the coach asked him to play goalie. I thought he would be less likely to get hurt in the net.I remember thinking at the time that that was kind of weird, but I didn’t really think all that much about it. Her son was on the team — he was a nice kid — and her husband, for whatever reason, wasn’t on the trip. He would get dropped off outside the arena and picked up outside the arena. My husband, Henri, thought I was crazy for thinking like that.

Don’t get me wrong: I could use ,500 in cash — who couldn’t? But the offer made me feel so dirty, like I was being asked to pimp out my own kid, and he has just turned 11. But the truth is these kinds of things are happening all the time in minor hockey because hockey blinds people. Coaches will promise to make a kid captain — if they come and play for them — and that kid might be eight. I remember walking out of this meeting and there must have been 40 messages on my phone — from parents. All these parents were calling me and leaving messages and literally marketing their kids to me and saying how they could do this, and that they had had extra hockey lessons or extra skating lessons or whatever it was. The team won a lot and the kids were really great kids — and their parents all seemed great. Things got crazy when we went to a tournament in Detroit. There was pizza, chicken fingers and fries for the kids. It has a DVD player — with headphones for the kids — and a selection of movies. Before setting off, I set my music to Sirius Satellite Lithium or Pearl Jam Radio to keep me sane.

I started skipping the games this year and having my husband go and watch and text me with the updates. When another Mom lost her voice at one of our playoff games I reached into my bag and I tossed her a bell. Their kid scores 100 goals in a season and he is doing all these spectacular things on the ice when the other kids can barely stand up — and the parents go crazy.

Now I am thinking about retiring from being a goalie mom. They think they are going to the show, and their kid is eight.

The Dad ended up buying into another team and the kid went and played there.

And he was a really bright kid, a really nice kid, but his Dad would use his money (the father denies this) to buy his son a spot on these teams.


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