Dobson ten steps in dating

Also, you wouldn’t blindly trust the salesman that is selling you the car.You would want to consult with someone that was truly looking out for your best interests and knew cars inside and out.

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If they all are saying he’s not the one for you, there is likely truth behind their assessment. These are the five things I’ve continually stressed to my daughter when it comes to finding the right man.

On the flip-side, I’ve done my best to teach and live out these principles for my sons as well.

For many dads out there, our list could go on for pages.

However, the important thing is that there is a list or “model” of a man that you’ve discussed with your daughter.

The character of a man makes lasting love possible.

Without character, a man is destined to be a double-minded man that is tossed about in the waves and unstable in all of his ways (James 1:8).My daughter would be the first one to tell another young woman, run from the guy that dishonors his parents.At the same time, it is a beautiful picture to see a son that honors his parents. A humble man with a contrite spirit that trembles at God’s Word Humility proceeds honor and is the mark of a godly man (Proverbs ).One’s home and family is where God’s commandments and the Christian life should take root and grow the most. If a young man is not living out his Christian walk here, he’s not yet ready to marry into another family. We’re told in the book of Isaiah, that God favors (or looks upon) a man that is “humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles” at (His) word (Isaiah 66:2).Without humility there is no grace, and a graceless life will lead a man down a path of prideful destruction.No, I’m not talking about arranged marriages, as tempting as that may be for some dads.What I’m referring to is a continual communication of biblical truths and common sense regarding how our daughters and sons should approach the pursuit of relationships with the opposite sex.Anyone can put on a show for a few months or even a year. True character is something that grows over time and perseveres. A strong work ethic and commitment to see things through Success is so often defined by years of strenuous work and discipline. However, a man that is dedicated to his wife and family will see it through the hard times by a disciplined life that is devoted to hard work.Giving up is not part of the man’s vocabulary that wants to marry my daughter (Colossians ).From a practical standpoint, think about it like this.If you were going to spend a lot of money to buy a new car and you personally knew little about how cars work, wouldn’t you want an expert to help you buy the right one?


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