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Are you ready to call our cheapest domination UK chat line?If so pick up the phone right now and get ready to have the best sex over the phone that you’ve ever had.If my Master needs to remind me I am shit on the shoe of society I will relish every moment of his verbal, physical, and emotional abuse.

Our obedient girls are here for you so make sure that you take advantage of their fragile bodies.

This is hardcore domination phone sex at its finest so you’re definitely in for a lot of shock and horror once our girls get their hands on you.

Our girls are always in the mood for a bit of rough adult chat over the phone so no matter what time you call us you’ll find that they’re always energetic and eager to get right into some hardcore kinky chat with you.

Our girls have been doing this for years, they’ll take work your cock and balls so be prepared to lose your freewill once our girls answer your call.


We have no idea why anyone would do this, EVER, or even why people would think this is sexy in ANY way.

Just to give a sense of how repugnant Stephanie and Sara are, court documents describe how in one film, Sara was pleasuring a man with her left hand while: Why?!?!??? In other footage, the women are filmed beating chickens and rabbits in revealing outfits while the poor animals are clearly suffering and squealing in pain. The sickening videos were produced by a local fishing boat captain by the name of Adam Redford.

Adam has been arrested for similar crimes in the past, but has not yet been arrested for this latest crime. We hope all three of these offenders — and anyone else involved in these horrific acts — get what they deserve!!

If you don’t think you’re man enough to be in complete control of a submissive lady then this phone sex line is not for you.

Our girls want to be told what to do and when to do it so don’t hold back if our girls ever disobey your command.


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