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Services range from supported living to residential care – from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day.Hft also helps people with learning disabilities to take part in daily activities, make friends and develop relationships and to find work.Please note that Hotline advocates are mandatory reporters of abuse of people with disabilities.

The new Luv2meet U service, which is run by the national learning disabilities charity Hft, will celebrate its launch with music, food, party games and pool at Newcastle’s Yates bar on Monday 29 January.

There will also be information about the service available for potential members and their supporters, and anyone interested in volunteering.

Domestic Violence & People with Disabilities Anyone can be affected by domestic violence and abuse, but people with disabilities are more likely to experience abuse than people without disabilities.

Because abuse is about power and control, people with disabilities may face unique challenges and barriers to accessing support.

The launch event takes place from 4pm – 8pm on Monday 29 January at Yates bar, Grainger Street in Newcastle.

It is open to any adults with a learning disability and their supporters, as well as anyone interested in volunteering.

People with disabilities must be treated equally and may not be excluded from shelters on the basis of having a disability.

For example, it is not permissible to deny admittance to an individual because he or she has a mental health disability or HIV.

For example, if a shelter has a no pet policy, that policy may need to be altered to admit an individual who has a service dog.

ELIMINATE STRUCTURAL BARRIERS TO ACCESS A building must be free of structural barriers to people with disabilities.


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