Dirty chat bots with video

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You think you're building the MVP [Minimum Viable Product] but our customers have shown us the way to the real MVP. These aren't the chatbots that were supposed to infiltrate our every digital experience, wisecracking and becoming our best friends as we shop, travel, and more.

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While such services get better all the time, they still fail to understand language that is trivial for humans to grok.

As such, smart chatbots like target narrow knowledge bases, like customer service.

Rather than fight this trend, however, savvy chatbot companies tend to build on popular platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Not only does this give them a potential audience of over one billion daily active users, but consumers won't turn off notifications as readily for their messaging apps, given that they're ground zero for friend and family communication.

Chatbots have been hyped as a "revolution" in machine/human interaction, but anyone who has been forced to plod through a bot "conversation" on Facebook Messenger (sadly, I have) knows that the current chatbot reality hardly approaches "revolution" status.

Indeed, as Victor Luckerson accurately sneers, "[M]any of them are just clunky repackagings of mobile web pages." With precious little AI powering today's chatbots, you can be forgiven for thinking chatbots are "overhyped and unimpressive," as one developer survey revealed. According to an interview with Begin founder and CEO Brian Leroux, "Chatbot hype clearly outstripped the abilities of early bots, but now we're in a quiet productivity period." After talking with a wide array of chatbot companies, it's clear that chatbots can deliver tangible value now, with the promise of much more to come. Despite the overexcitement around chatbots after Facebook's 2016 developer conference, today's best chatbot companies have settled down, focusing on attainable use cases. What may be a dirty word in cloud computing fits perfectly with chatbots, but in this case the "hybrid" refers to a blend of human and machine intelligence.

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So, one of the dominating trends in e-commerce today is the fusion of online shopping and messaging applications.

This model has earned the name 'conversational commerce' and is literally changing the way people shop online.


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