Diablo 3 stuck at updating tools

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My is stuck at this state and I can't open up Diablo 3.Anyone have any info for me so I can fix my battle.net? This is OSX, fwiw -- on my windows partition the bnet installer seems to load fine.

The fact that Blizzard has not produced a formal declaration of how to resolve this issue is indicative of poor customer service.

Hi, i was playing diablo 3 about an hour ago when i got a box pop up saying Game terminated, i thought nothing of it wouldnt let me log back in was getting error code something like 30089 or something cant really remember, so i went on wow did looking for raid then came back to diablo 3, all i get is the first box were you click play, but it's stuck on updating tools 0% and has been for the passed 20 or so minutes i've no idea what is going on, i really dont want to reinstall takes too long, any sugestions please.

Have been having the same issue for the last 3 hours.

As we announced a little while back, with the upcoming release of patch 2.0.1, your Diablo III launcher will be automatically updated to our new desktop app for

You can upgrade now if you like, but if you haven't done so yourself by the time patch day rolls around, here’s a quick heads up about what you can expect.


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