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Grains of pollen, flax and cotton fibers, mites, spores and fungi, mineral particles and particles related to body fluids were detected and classified.

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This presentation was originally delivered at the 1996 Esopus Conference.

An Alternate Hypothesis for the Image Color by Raymond N.

Its embalming technique also just won an $80,000 prize for preserving a pigs brain so well that every synapse inside it could still be seen with an electron microscope, according to the Review.

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Here is the Abstract: "The results of some Turin Shroud particles (3 to 30 µm) examination are presented.

A research was performed with the aim to classify the particles in order to correlate them with the environments where, from historical information, the Shroud resulted to have been exposed.

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Are you interested in submitting your own work for possible publication on this website? Mandaglio This article appeared in Radiation Effects & Defects In Solids, Volume 167, Issue 3, 2012 [Dec 2013] Against the Shroud.

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