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“I'm telling myself, he's trying to be romantic, don't have an attitude.” The couple headed to a private beach and climbed up a rock hanging over the Mediterranean Sea.

“As the sun set he asked me to be his wife,” she recalls.

The actress is the newest single lady on VH1’s hit scripted show "Single Ladies", and she’s trying to brace herself for fans to love her, or hate her or at the very least stick around a few episodes to take her in. You won’t be happy, nor can you make someone else happy if you’re not happy with yourself. Communication is so, so important in every relationship. things sound harsher when they come out of my mouth.

She’s not replacing Stacey Dash’s character altogether—on the show she plays Raquel, a wealthy Southern Belle—but Dash, of course, is no more. She called me before I moved out to Atlanta and warned me that ‘this is not Hotlanta! Cause I’m from New York, I’m from Brooklyn, I always say sh*t how it is.

He’s in the business so he understands me and my schedule and my need to stay focused on work, as well as being committed to come see me every two weeks, because I can’t move. EBONY: What advice do you have for single women who’d like to be in a committed relationship? My boyfriend’s 38 and I just think that he’s in a good place.

DV: No, I’m telling you, if you eat constantly that’s the way to do it. DV: Not this one, because thankfully I’m in a very balanced relationship right now.

“He was running a little late,” Vasi recalls of Mandler. I turned around and thought ‘Oh my God, that's my husband.’” The duo spent 27-hours together over two days shooting the video.

Wayne and his team ended up going in a different direction and shooting an entirely new video concept, but the bond between the director and his new muse was already cemented.

Denise Vasi: I was going to Beverly Hills Hot Springs to get a body scrub and milk bath! EBONY: It’s a new character, but you’re still replacing Stacey Dash. I think that that was a wise decision for the writers not to attempt that. Raquel is going to go through something big in the first episode that’s going to make her question everything in her life, and we’ve all been there.

I literally had just gotten my towels and stuff and checked in, and my phone rang and it was my manager. But at the same time, Stacey Littlejohn, our head writer, wrote that character and wrote her so well, as she does with the others and she wrote a Raquel that’s completely different and I’m a different actress playing a different character. We’ve all, like, had that moment of, ‘Why am I doing this?


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