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Corinne is a model and actress with a college education from USC and beyond.

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Kristen Stewart, who always seems so disinterested in everything, surprised us by stepping up to the plate for women’s rights in Cannes!A woman followed her on the red carpet on her knees, spreading it out.We can’t help but notice that perhaps the skirt slit was too high for the petite La Toya because apparently the top five inches were hastily sewn together in an amateur manner. Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA You’ll never see highly secretive Jamie Foxx talking about any of his ex or present girlfriends, including Katie Holmes, but he simply cannot hide his beautiful daughter Corinne Foxx, 22.This year Kristen tested the waters and went barefoot and carried her shoes on one carpet and last night she defiantly WORE FLAT SHOES.She said We have to hand it to German model Heidi Klum – she has a bunch of kids and several jobs, but she always finds time for romance.Top photo: Leonardo and Camila Bottom photo: Camila’s mom Lucila and Al Pacino Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA has already proved to be RIGHT.Actress/director Argento delivered a fierce and detailed speech about her abusive experience with Harvey Weinstein when she took the stage to present an award on the last night of the festival.No doubt Heidi, arguably the most famous model from Germany, is a trophy for Tom who recently divorced another model.Anyway, Tom is way more affectionate than Vito Schnabel ever was. In fact, he considers himself an expert on SATC trivia and can quote verbatim from all 94 episodes! John is actually quite handsome without that facial hair….But Travolta never gave up – the movie was actually finished a few years ago, but John insisted on the right distributor and that took more time. Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News We have to give Alice Cooper’s wife Sheryl credit – she has put up with a lot during their 40 year marriage.Alice was a raging alcoholic until 1983 – he only got sober then because Sheryl threatened to divorce him.


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