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But the shocking part of the interview is when Deelishis husband, Orlando Gordon decided to chime in on the conversation saying “you led that man on ” while Deelishis explained details of the crime.Deelishi quickly rebutted affirming that the word ‘no’ means ‘no’, no matter when a woman decides to change her mind.

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If you’re dating right now in Phoenix you’ve certainly got your work cut out.

Save yourself, and your dates the struggle, forgo the ol' rigamarole and all-too-familiar routine of dinner and a movie and break the current dating mold.

Sometimes I feel like we give older women molesting young boys a pass because boys are supposed to be the sexual aggressor. Ladies, I implore you to leave these young men to these young women. Sometimes it’s better to be shown to a seat instead of a jail cell!

There are women that prey on society’s blind eye, but make no mistake that they aren’t just as sick as the men who do it.

The two got into a heated debate over the discussion as Jamie sat quietly shocked by it all. You husband should always stand on the affirmative of his wife and Gordon should’ve at least pretended to do so in front of the cameras at least. That says alot about the type of husband Deelishi has and it speaks highly of his moral and values as a man. Watch the full interview below: Don’t expect an interview from Deelishis or her husand anytime soon because Gordon is currently behind bars on drug charges.

Gordon is an accused drug dealer, allegedly involved with a high profile drug trafficking ring in which he supposedly heads with a second man, Wendell Tobias of Detroit.Embrace your inner cowboy and romantic side and traverse cactus-dotted desert trails on horseback with your date.The experienced wranglers at Saguaro Lake Guest Ranch provide guided tours and a quick “how-to” before you saddle up.Why don’t we protect out young men as vigilantly as our young girls. It’s been a while since we’ve chatted with our girl London “Deelishis” Charles.You will probably learn a lot about your date over a few glasses of wine, so visit the tasting room for flights and small bites to really get to know the person you’re dating.Packed full of 6,600 instruments from 200 countries and territories across the world, the Musical Instrument Museum is home to instruments played by music icons like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.The message it sends is that they are in an illegal relationship.This kid is underage and she is a woman who has been around the block more than a couple times.The reality star turned Instagram celebrity is best known for winning Flavor Flav’s heart on Flavor of Love 2 and for her infamous walkaways.Last time VH1 caught up with Deelishis she was busy launching her own line of jeans and getting to work on her music (we still love “Rumpshaker!


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