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We weren’t 100% sure what would be the best kind of set-up for our needs.

So after this bad experience, we decided to buy a new model.Indoor navigation is your way of providing your customers, visitors, and guests with a unique service and a clear overview of your building.Help them find their way with our digital indoor wayfinding built on Google Maps.Not easy to find the perfect balance that’s for sure.Basically we built them as light but sturdy frames, with thin panels closing them off and making them look like proper cupboards.For his reason the table is not only slidable but also foldable and perfect for our needs.Finally we put two layers of varnish on everything which gives it all a nice classy look, protects it all from moisture and makes it easier to clean/wipe down. The simple but sturdy frame, (which we already introduced in an earlier post), manages to hold our 70L freshwater tank, our compressor cool box (fridge), the water pump system, gas manifold and to the side of it, a toilet room/shower area.We made, what we thought was a well informed decision, to buy a powerful model from a well established camping equipment company called Dometic.It was in perfect new condition, looked good and fit perfectly in the allocated space under the kitchen worktop.A 3 way cool box is mostly a toolbox that works through absorption technology which is also completely silent and we thought that this would be very important in such a small place.So with all of these requirements in mind, we ended up buying a used model in an adrenaline filled auction on e Bay.


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