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The new year began with another crime of passion making headlines; a jilted husband had shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.Another child will be growing up without a family, due to our collective apathy on what is destroying our society from within.Here are some useful guidelines for dating here, in Mauritius. The misogynistic ones wear their misogyny as a badge of honor-learn to identify the signs These guys are loud and very passionate about their disdain for women. Those guys always jump at the opportunity to deride women or lecture women on how they ought to behave.Those men are not going to be fun to be with, especially if you’re the kind of woman who’s self confident enough and has a healthy self-esteem. Observe their social circle Men who cannot be friends with women are almost always sexualizing the opposite gender.Of course, attraction is normal but a person who cannot overcome physical attraction and maintain platonic relationships with people, is the definition of a red flag. I am never married christian white man without kids from Triolet, Pamplemousses District, Mauritius. Chat Naveen Port Louis, Port Louis District, Mauritius Man. It’s biology, it’s science, it’s the core of human existence.But Mauritius is still quite a dogmatic society where people expect you to abide by the tenets of their religion, as if you’re not allowed to have your own version of tenets to abide by.As a result, sex is viewed under a very repressive light, that you’re supposed to indulge in it when you’re married and that’s it.There’s no sexual education for kids in college and teen pregnancy is quite a big problem here, due to this inane misconception about something so natural.


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