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She said everyone in her family called him sexy because he's really buff etc.2nd thing was her phone was on silent the entire month I was there.I stayed in Zona Colonial and she traveled from her home to my apartment to see me for 2 weeks.

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I asked her about the orange (her favorite Gatorade drink) flavored condom I found in her purse and she said she got that from a bridal shower three years ago and forgot it was there.

I asked why she didn't throw it away and she said she did not see it.

I asked what that was about and she said it was a friend from work. When she returned to the apartment I asked her what happened with her phone.

The next day she tells me that she wants to go shopping to buy things for her hair. During this time she was gone I called her the 1st time I heard very loud music in the background. She said she never answers the phone for anyone in the street because she was robbed for her phone 3 times.

I asked her about the men and one she said was a math tutor and the others were contacts she saved from her school on a group project.

I have known her total time for 1 year and 5 months and she was never in school the whole time I knew her.I asked how that was possible when it was right next to her id card and bank debit card and a receipt from her bank withdraw from two weeks ago.She swears she never saw it there that when she goes in her purse she only takes what she needs.She uses Orange and apparently you earn points when you stay with them so she has two phones.Her main phone is a smart phone with an application called CM Security and with this application you are able to lock applications.I asked if she was going with the girlfriend she was speaking with on the phone she was talking to yesterday. I told her I was off work tomorrow so why not just wait one more day. In her defensive her brother was killed in the street so I have some sympathy in regards to that.But I did find it very suspicious that she only returned with four things because I asked her what she bought and they were all things for her hair.Towards the end of my stay I overheard her talking with a girl on the phone and she was laughing and said tomorrow.I heard a girl's voice so I know she's telling the truth about that. I know that seems crazy but I had a bad feeling because I have not known stores in the Dominican Republic to play music that loud and thought it was strange she answered then hung up. While she was gone I found a condom in her purse in a separate compartment she had the condom right next to her bank card and ID card also I had found a receipt from two weeks ago so I know she uses that compartment.I have not sent this girl one dime from America expect on her birthday I sent her .00 Not much but I have only been seeing her for 5 months.The last time I went there (2nd time with her) there were a couple of strange things I noticed. It looked really bad but same the photo saved in her contact and saw that it was her cousin.


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