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Denise's eldest son, aged 24, is said to be so appalled by his mother's romantic choices that he has stopped speaking to her."Dan is gorgeous and I feel really lucky he's interested in me," says Denise of her new love."Of course, I know he might be using me too but I'm prepared to take that risk.In fact, the country known as the Smiling Coast of Africa has become the premier destination for British women in search of toy boys.

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The country's official tourism website offers an intoxicating sequence of holiday images - platters of seafood, freshly squeezed juices, palm-thatched huts and smiling locals wearing colourful textiles.

But there is something else The Gambia has come to represent: romance.

He is now hoping to find lasting happiness with Isatou Jarju, 30, a café owner."My new girlfriend is different," insists David, who was divorced from his British wife in 1992."It may be stupid but I always follow my heart."Relationships forged in the tropical sunshine of West Africa are the ultimate holiday romances.

Who wouldn't enjoy strolling down to the beach or pool every morning, sipping piña coladas from a freshly harvested coconut and lazing for hours in the sun with a new love? Others struggle to survive once transposed from Banjul to Birmingham. Denise Hardwick was just one woman among many who found her love did not last.

In Gambia male and female relationships are mostly initiated by men.

This is done either directly or indirectly using a third party.

In the course of her research she has come across tales of Gambian men declaring their love for Western women when they already have a Gambian wife and kids; Gambian men introducing their "sister" to the Western partner when in fact she is their Gambian wife; Gambians marrying a Western woman to get a British passport then, when reaching England, disappearing never to be seen again; and Gambian men serial dating."On average, Gambian men have 8.4 children, whereas Gambian women have 6.4," she points out. So why did The Gambia become such a preeminent location for love, whether real or imaginary?

The tourism industry there started in 1965 with a party of 300 Swedish tourists drawn by the stunning climate.

Located midway between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, The Gambia enjoys virtually uninterrupted sunshine and high daytime temperatures that hover between 29-34C year round, with almost no rainfall from November to June.

From July to October the tropical sun is punctuated by short but spectacular showers.


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