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Despite a general apathy to the idea of dating Thai men, western women continue to maintain the standards they had before they left Europe or the United States. In the Navy you have all these fit young men and just a handful of women. They know competition for the few women on board is rife, so they lower their standards. These western girls are, as I mentioned earlier, in fundamental denial of biological reality.

The truth is western men are spoiled rotten here and are totally overvalued.

But that doesn’t make this strange, unfair reality any less true.

If she’s not going to consider Thais as potential boyfriend material (and I almost never see farang women with local men) then she needs to accept the fact that she’s got mere thousands of men to pick from and ten million women as competition: ten million women who – for the most part – are slim, don’t drink much, who cook, clean and, unless you’re some idiot who accidentally wifed that bargirl with the sick buffalo and sick grandmother, are always loyal to their man.

This isn’t to say western men are somehow better or that they deserve all of this.

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Western guys living in Thailand in many cases a) find Asian women particularly attractive or b) they find western women particularly unattractive.

Often they’re just relieved to be dating women who’ve never heard of Andrea Dworkin and think third wave feminism is a dive shop on Koh Tao.


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