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But there are plenty of ways for both adults and adolescents to change all of these patterns and end teen dating violence.Khubchandani notes that people who spend their days around young people, like teachers and school administrators, can create clear-cut policies that are regularly reviewed.reported that the shooter had even threatened to kill the young man, and at least three students had reported the shooter's behavior to school officials in years prior.

Moreover, Khubchandani says 62% of schools don't provide training to administrators and faculty on how to aid these victims in the past two years, and almost two-thirds of school violence prevention policies don't specifically discuss plans for handling situations of intimate partner violence amongst adolescents.

In addition, his research found that almost two-thirds of school principals don't believe that fellow students could play a key role in preventing teen dating violence or helping if a situation has already occurred.

As we celebrate the month of love in February, many others will experience dating violence. will experience some form of dating violence from a romantic partner.

Unfortunately, teens are more likely to experience dating violence than any other age group. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and Human Options is empowering teens to show respect and engage in healthy relationships.

According to Sperling, one of the biggest challenges facing adults, including parents, is that many people mistakenly believe that abuse starts with physical violence as opposed to emotional or verbal abuse.

Even worse, actions like gaslighting and threats may be seen as just "part of being a teenager." Rachel De Ladesmo, communications coordinator at Break the Cycle, an organization that aims to build healthy relationships among young people and end abuse, tells that many people first experience abuse before the age of 25, but often adults place many assumptions on how they believe a victim should "look" or "act." In turn, more serious behavior is overlooked until it's too late.

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quoted a student from Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, who said that a girl who rejected the advances of the school shooting suspect was among those shot in the art class he first targeted.

Among these details, however, was another key piece of information: Like many mass shooters, the shooter had a history of violence against women.

One Stoneman Douglas student, Victoria Olvera, told the Associated Press after the attack that the shooter was allegedly abusive to an ex-girlfriend and fought her new boyfriend prior to the shooting.


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