Dating violence and college campuses

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He was popular, and at the time I felt like he'd chosen me. But six months later, when I looked around, I was isolated from my friends and family and he had become my whole world. I felt like I had done something to make him treat me like that.

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In college, I started dating a person who seemed great.It's hard to recognize the signs of stalking, especially when we're all so interconnected online.What were some of the ways in which you made yourself safer?Ariel Zwang, CEO Safe Horizon: Kira, why did you choose to speak about domestic violence as your public advocacy platform for the Miss America organization?Kira Kazantsev, Miss New York: Through the Miss America Organization, I have the opportunity and responsibility to bring significant public advocacy to an issue.I'd like to share the story of Kira Kazantsev, who was recently crowned Miss New York 2014 and who is raising public awareness about domestic violence.When Kira began her college journey a few years ago, she embraced the experience with enthusiasm, exploring many subjects, participating in school events, and leading an active social life. She went from being a happy, confident, young adult to one who was traumatized, stripped of her self-confidence, and struggling to escape an abusive relationship.I was able to leave school and I waited for him to graduate before returning.I also blocked him on social media and even blocked his number on my phone. He still tried to contact me using different phone numbers or accounts.Left unaddressed was any definition of consent, a contentious issue that is often at the core of campus sexual assault cases.The proposals, drafted by a federal panel, the members of which included students who have reported being sexually assaulted, are designed to address growing concerns about sexual violence on college campuses.


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