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In the absence of external evidence in support of an early date for Revelation, preterists generally rely on what they perceive as internal support for their view.It is contended that the Gospel of John has a much smoother style of Greek than does the Apocalypse. Gundry: Archaeological discoveries and literary studies have recently demonstrated that along with Aramaic and Hebrew, Greek was commonly spoken among first century Palestinians.

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For the next two weeks we are going to take a break from the book of Acts and give an overview of the book of Revelation.

The vivid imagery and dramatic message of Revelation have long captivated the attention of Christendom, although most of the interest is based on a radical misunderstanding of the very nature and purpose of the book.

Salmon says that it is: difficult to understand how anyone could have imagined that the vision represents the temple as still standing.

For the whole scene is laid in heaven, and the temple that is measured is the heavenly temple (; 15:5).

Finally, as Mc Clintock and Strong point out: It may be admitted that the Revelation has many surprising grammatical peculiarities.

But much of this is accounted for by the fact that it was probably written down, as it was seen, “in the Spirit,” while the ideas, in all their novelty and vastness, filled the apostle’s mind, and rendered him less capable of attending to forms of speech. 96, there would be little need to focus upon the destruction of Jerusalem since the lessons of that catastrophe would have been well learned in the preceding quarter of a century.Noted critic Theodor Zahn observed that Nero was not even suggested as a possibility until the year 1831 (447). Accordingly, the theory of realized eschatology, which is grounded upon the necessity of the Apocalypse having been written prior to A. 70, is shown to be without the necessary foundation for its successful defense, to say nothing of the scores of other scriptural difficulties that plague it.In view of the foregoing evidence, a very strong case can be made for dating Revelation at about A. We have only to compare this vision with the parallel vision of a measuring-reed seen by Ezekiel (ch.40), in which the prophet is commanded to measure—surely not the city which it is stated had been demolished fourteen years previously, but the city of the future seen by the prophet in vision (1904, 238).As church historian, Philip Schaff, noted over ninety years ago, "The literature of the Apocalypse, especially in English, is immense, but mostly impository [Impository preaching is preaching that seeks to take a theme for the sermon and impose it on the text] rather than expository, and hence worthless or even mischievous, because its confounding and misleading." The publication by Edgar C.Whisenant is an example of the misleading nature of literature on the Apocalypse. A few prominent names have been associated with this position (e.g., Stuart, Schaff, Lightfoot, Foy E.The external evidence for the late dating of Revelation is of the highest quality. The testimony of Irenaeus, not far removed from the apostolic age, is first rate. Irenaeus seems to be unaware of any other view for the date of the book of Revelation. Even Moses Stuart, America’s most prominent preterist, admitted that the “tyrant here meant is probably Domitian.” Within this narrative, Clement further speaks of John as an “old man.” If Revelation was written prior to A. 70, it would scarcely seem appropriate to refer to John as an old man, since he would only have been in his early sixties at this time.Mc Clintock and Strong, in contending for the later date, declare that “there is no mention in any writer of the first three centuries of any other time or place” (1969, 1064).Upon the basis of external evidence, therefore, there is little contest between the earlier and later dates.


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