Dating someone who is bi polor

I'm glad I didn't wait for him because I text him half an hour after we were supposed to meet and an hour after I got a reply saying that he was doing some gardening and completely forgot. I went off on one basically saying that this spoke volumes and how he hasn't bothered to talk to me even though previously he had been bombarding me with texts/calls every single day since we met.

He told me to chill, that there was no agenda, he is very absent minded about these things and that with previous gf's texts became more and more infrequent when they weren't in each other's company as the relationship went on so it's not an issue of him going off me. I went to see him on Friday and spent till this morning (Monday) with him.

His response was that he wasn't feeling it anymore and didn't want to be with me.

He said I was too serious and didn't like the fact I was studying psychotherapy and he fears I'm psychoanalysing him.

I can be a fun person to be around plus he makes me silly and I'm silly with him.

I also mentioned that I was planning on asking him to come with me to my friends party the following weekend as a way of seeing this other happy, fun side.

As for the psychotherapy, I said to him that the therapy I was doing was couple therapy and I don't learn about mental disorders. I know this is a lie because he's obsessed with me going down on him and he said I'm the best at it out of all the gf's he's ever had.

In fact, I know hardly anything about bipolar and that this is a new experience for me too. We've had marathons, he's said in the past that he loves that I'm a goer, can keep up with him and he loves how the time just flies when he sleeps with me with me which implies he doesn't find it boring.

I needed to do some work on an essay so I didn't mind this.

We did it again in the late afternoon to which he went back to his gaming without even asking me if I would mind.


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