Dating smith wessom 32 revolver

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The callout on the side is for the Model 65 although, by this time (1949), the M65 had been discontinued and the Mod 43 had been introduced. Winchester, 2-pc Smkls box ca 1914 with the unusual purple labeling found, with very few exceptions, only on 1914-15 dated boxes. Rare, red printed over-label/sticker: "Also adapted to 25-20 Marlin Rifles". Late-1880s/early-1890s, this box would also be a great box for a Winchester M1885 Hi-Wall/Low-Wall display. If you've got an early High-Wall or Low-Wall, this is the best display box you'll likely ever find! Seldom seen Jacketed Hollow Soft Point loading (most being Full Metal Jacket). While top edges have been pasted back, the cartridges appear to be all untouched, native to the box. Later boxes, ca 1916, had the add'l word "Corp." stamped on bottom and even later, "Savage Arms Corp." (printed).

Box shows minor case or shelf wear & has a very minor glitsch between the peak & right leg of the big red "W" (click on pic). Has an indented area at left of front side label (see pic) as well some edge separation on front/left top edge (which has been carefully pasted back). This caliber in Winchester 2-pc boxes is becoming impossible to find in nice condition and especially so sealed! Box holds 30 original ctdgs all of which have the scarce & desirable "WRACo 25-20 Mar." headstamp. This Black Powder, 2-pc box labeled ".25 STEVENS, SINGLE SHOT", is every bit as colorful as the pic shows. Has rather inconspicuous transparent tape (partially) along some (mostly bottom) edges. Further, it has the "Savage Indian" logo on both long sides and the bottom lbl is near perfect (most unusual). Palm Pistols, these are far rarer than .32 XS RF, the more common (tho still rare) loading for the Chicago and Mpls palm pistols.

The 1st and ONLY definitive work on cartridge boxes, covering all the calibers for which Winchester cataloged their rifles, from the Volcanic to the Model 88.

Thoroughly researched, this 312 page book contains pg 42). Finding sealed black powder boxes in these popular Winchester calibers is becoming nearly impossible any more! Early Blk Pwdr box w/ prominent Stevens callout on side label. Ca early 1890s, this is the first style box in which Winchester intro'd this caliber for their Model 1885 (High-Wall/Low-Wall). Earliest 2-pc box of this style, "Savage Arms Co." printed on bottom.

The box contains 19 original rds with the extremely desirable "38 WHV-M92" headstamp. Still, these boxes are highly collectible and displayable and this one is exceptionally CHEAP! This caliber, while marked "Rifle Cartridges", is obviously for the many .41 CF revolvers and derringers of the 1800s, but most especially for the Colt SAA and 1877 DA Thunderer. / For RUSSIAN MODEL PISTOL / Patented May 17th, 1870".

A colorful 4-part ad insert, originally enclosed in the box, is shrink-wrapped onto the box bottom. Since most of these revolvers were produced in the Black Powder era, the most desirable of the Colt Thunderer picture boxes is this Blk Pwdr 2-pc box by Winchester. irca mid-1880s/early '90s, this Black Powder, Colt Thunderer "Picture Box" is one of the most sought-after of all Colt boxes. Side-seal label (tho not sealed on 3 sides) is approx 80-85% but the side featuring the Rampant Colt logo is closer to 99% & is SEALED. As handgun ammo was taxed in certain southern and eastern states, the "Rifle" callout was intended to fool the bureaucrats of the day into thinking this loading was for some un-named rifle. This bright red, full-cover 2-pc box is seldom seen and is thought to be the last offering in this iconic caliber. This is a truly unusual loading & one I've not seen in any other caliber or by any other maker.The headstamp is likewise unique: "WRA Super 38 Spl". Cartridges will be unheadstamped and the box is solid.Completing the trifecta, the bullet is "Metal Point Lead Bearing"--looks like FMJ but it's just a metal cap over the lead bullet, the lead being what engages the rifling, not the jacket. This SEALED box appears to be straight out of an original brick sleeve! Top label shows very light shelf/handling wear while side-seal label is virtually 100%.Clean and solid with no split seams and great color on both top & side labels. Although it's on the side-label, this is the first Win Smkls box to call out the Model 1892.Also it has the desirable "Fancy WRACo" logo on one end (as shown on the cover of Giles & Shuey).Side-seal remains 95 % and ctdgs are correctly headstamped "WRACo 38 WCF". The 12-19 dated labeling of this full-cover, Black Powder box was only around for about one month! If you're not familiar with Game Getter box prices, most any decent full box--by ANY maker--will bring 0-550.The 1-20 dated box, which is fairly common, came out only a month after this one (see Giles & Shuey, pg 60). Robin Hood bxs bring FAR more (in ANY caliber, .22s often bring well over 00).This is only the 2nd such box I have ever encountered. "38-40 Model 1892 Special", an early labeling of Winchester's High Velocity loading, introduced in 1903. Unfortunately this RARE box has had some serious damage and has been repaired with transparent tape. Admittedly, a box with "problems", but chances of finding another are slim.While the label shows water staining at the right end, it is tight & solid in all respects and the ammo is clean, correct & quite probably native to the box. While the top label is 10-9 dated, it has (look closely at pic) been over-pasted on a what is apparently a later label, one that wraps over the ends of a full-cover 2-pc box, a most unusual combination and one which attests to the fact that this was a very slow-selling item. A." headstamped cartridges though not all are native to the box as some have slightly different primers. Still The great Robin Hood logo is quite visible (see close-up pic) and the ctdgs are nice (HS: "R. Chances of another FULL one of ANY loading at under 0: prob near zero! For the advanced S&W collector, cartridge box collector or investor, this box is titled, "3 Buck Shot, 44 Cal.A very scarce box, one of only 2 or 3 we've ever seen! Blk Pwdr, 2-pc box, ca 1908, with the earliest top-label callout for the Model 1892 (see Giles & Shuey, pg 60).Box shows lid-corner and bottom right-end separations (easily fixed if desired), though these were a common occurrence during this period with taped construction boxes (Giles & Shuey, pp 14-15) carrying a heavy load of cartridges. Most Robin Hood Game Getters are found in blue label Blk Pwdr boxes; this red Smokeless label is the first I've seen.


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