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At only 5ft 2in, it would be fairly easy for Kelly Rip to get lost in a crowd.Yet the petite TV host was lucky not to get swept away by fans waiting for her last night as she arrived for her appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York.

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Copper, Gold, silver and lead artifacts have been recovered at least twelve different sites of this period, including large assemblages of metal finds at sites such as Zas Cave on Naxos and copper daggers from Dimini and Sesklo.

The early swords of the Aegean Bronze Age are some of the most striking artefacts from this epoch in terms of craftsmanship and opulence.

The weapons which appeared towards the middle of the second millennium BC in Crete and mainland Greece differ from all the previously swords in the combination of length of blade, strength of midrib and, in one type, the use of flanges for hafting, on tang or shoulder.

The analysis of some specimens shows that the material is an alloy of copper and tin or arsenic for making the bronze.

He last show will be filmed in November 2011 and after that it is currently unknow if the show will continue with Kelly or not.

In contrast to Anatolia and Near East, the earliest stages in the development of Mediterranean metallurgy appear only after about 5500 BC. 5500-4500 BC) pins of copper turn up at Dikili Tash, Paradeissos, and Kitsos Cave, while two small daggers have been recovered from Aya Marina in Phocis.On its rounded upper part four rivet holes are used to attach the blade to its decorated hilt and two rivets holes are present on the tang.The awesome part of this sword is represented by its hilt which was covered with a gold engraved plate and on its extremity a marvellous crystal rock was installed.With the introduction of copper, and eventually bronze the daggers could be made longer, and evolved into swords.The earliest Aegean/Anatolian swords were found at Arslantepe, Turkey, dating to ca. Sword finds are however very rare until around 2300 BC.When the percentage of copper or tin content is high the bronze blades have a reddish or silver color respectively.Whether this was made intentionally to imitate costly metals like gold and silver and to give these swords or daggers a better and more valuable appearance, or was simply the result of mis-calculation of the right quantities of alloy it is not possible to guess.A link between the Minoan triangular small swords or daggers and the long A Type sword can be represented by the specimen found in Mallia Crete dated around 1700 BC.This sword shows a large and long blade with a large and flat midrib.Their perceived role has at various times ranged from their being ritual objects, to being restricted in terms of modes and environments of use, to their being perfectly serviceable tools of war. Before bronze, stone was used as primary material for cutting edged tools and weapons.Stone is however very fragile, and therefore not practical to be used as swords.


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