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If they do move out, younger generations often live near their relatives.

It is common for a Serbian family to host events or to frequently visit their family in order to maintain familial ties.

It is common to find several generations living under the same roof.

Grandparents often help to look after their grandchildren while children look after their parents as they age.

The typical household structure is patriarchal, with authority tending to come from the most senior male.

Women are considered equal to men but are expected to honour their husband.Single Serbian women & Serbian girls seeking men for a relationship, friendship and marriage. Join our Free Dating site and and start relationship and friendship with women from Serbia today.(family) and mutual support among members is highly valued.The number of Australian residents that share ancestry with each country is based on the 2016 Australian Housing and Population census.This recorded people’s ancestry by the birthplace of their parents, not distant heritage.Statistics describing the country’s linguistic, religious and ethnic demographics are based on its most recent national census.However, if these statistics are out-dated, unavailable, unreliable, or the country’s statistical department does not formally gather information on the categories listed, the Cultural Atlas substitutes the most recent global estimates cited in the CIA World Factbook .Often, family members will use their networks to help other members find employment.Betraying one’s kin or failing to uphold a favour without an accepted justification often brings a sense of dishonour and shame to the individual.Regarding gender roles, women have the right to equal opportunities and many women are involved in the workforce.However, men often see it as their duty to care and provide for their family.


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