Dating sagittarius woman

Once he finds this partner, the two should have a happy relationship for years to come.Libra and Sagittarius compatibility thrives because both signs are seeking similar things from life. This is a playful, good natured relationship rooted in a strong basic friendship.

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As the well known saying goes: if you love someone, let them go. Libra and Sagittarius are both quite intellectual signs.

Libra loves to learn and Sagittarius brings wit and insight to the meeting of minds too.

By traveling the Sagittarius man knows that he can learn practical and interesting things in an out-of-the-box kind of way.

This is the Sagittarian’s favorite way to learn, and he will never pass up an opportunity to travel.

As the cardinal sign in the mix, Libra will take the lead in the relationship, contrary to what you might think; mutable, flexible Sagittarius will be happy to go along with Libra’s plans so long as his or her freedom is maintained.

Dating sagittarius woman

In this way, Libra feels in control of what’s going on and is not scared off by Sagittarius’ exuberant approach to sex – and to flirting.

Libra is no stranger to flirting either, after all; Libra and Sagittarius compatibility is notable for the fact that both signs can flirt for their national teams and yet neither feels threatened by the other’s behaviour.

Further insight into Libra and Sagittarius compatibility can be found when we look the ruling planets of the two partners.

The Sagittarius man traits show he is open-minded when it comes to what kind of partners he is interested.

He is likely to flirt with many people and have a few casual hookups before he actually finds someone who he will fall in love with.


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