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Now adgret UB and egretus are of course, if genuine, simply in- lix stances of the preservation of the starting-point common to all theories: come Btum is, I believe, the oijy instance of a perfectly ' Leo Meyer calls it *a combination for which our languages • (i.e.Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible.Whether you’re looking for Black British, African, Afro-Caribbean or African American singles, we’ll match you with people who share your core values – the really important stuff that long-lasting relationships are built on.

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Terentianus Maurus (who is generally thought to have lived at end of 3rd century p.

xxiii.), says expressly, as I understand him, that k and q are alike in sound and are both superfluous, because it matters not whether c, k, or q be used, whichever of the vowels follow (w.

I only know at the most of one instance of its passing into * (r...

The combination Bt is one of the com- monest in the language^; e.g.

graben, sa^en, as grdwen, ^.i Men...1h& I) in the combinations lb, rto Is pronounced as w; * e.g.

But in classical Latin the change supposed is not justified, so far as I know, by any xlviii Preface: Observations on Book I.As regards Plutarch it i^ perhaps not inappropriate to remark that he expressly tells us he was not a good Latin scholar (Fit.846), ancf secondly, that he w*^s.a Boeotian; and the relations of the Boeotian dialect to the digamma were such as to make it pos- sible that his native pronunciation or habits may have had something to do with this peculiarity.was also in use, and is found in a few inscriptions, generally before a, but also before o, and (in one inscription regarded on this account by Mommsen as Graecising) before e; e.g.For there is no apparent reason why a copyist, if he found j8 written, should have changed it to ov, while the chaqge of ov (for consonantal v) into /3 would be in accordance with the tendencies either of pronunciation itself or of its expression.A reference to Benseler's lexicon will shew at once a number of words, written earlier with ov, which in Byzantine writers received a j8.given from various authorities side by side in the Corpus Inscrift, Latin, I.Greek and Latin) have a general and strong predilection.' ( Verg/, Cr.243.) • Even in the later imperial times there seems little evidence of such a change.xlix such a variety of sound could hardly help being noticed, if it had existed.4, §§ 7 — 9) first refers to the discussion of the grammarians whether the Romans lacked some necessary letters, and then to the counter question whether some were superfluous, and speaks of k and 4.


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