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The Lord has commanded you to protect them from and steer them away from sin, not to condone and promote the possibility of it.Let me tell you, no form of “monitoring” your child’s dating relationship will deter two teenagers with raging hormones. But, if your child has been taught from early childhood that the Lord has the perfect mate for them, that waiting for your spouse is God-honoring and holy, and that the years and years of saying no to every member of the opposite sex will be beyond worth it when you can tell your spouse on your wedding night, “I waited for you.” If you don’t listen to the naysayers when your child is two — the one’s saying, “We’ll see how well that works when she’s 16.” — and you continue to instill biblical principles and share the perfect will of the Lord through life lessons and scripture…children will thank you one day!

They will form the core of a solid Christian approach to guiding teen relationships later in life.

Strive to understand and detect the temptations that face your children on a daily basis. Set the agenda for what you children are doing early on, especially through the elementary school years.

(1 Corinthians 7:2) Teen dating does not prepare your child for marriage — I’ve never heard anyone say, “I’m so glad I dated as a teen and up until marriage.

Those relationships really improved my God-honoring relationship with my husband.” Teen dating says “Jesus Christ is not enough for me.” — when we put something or someone at a higher priority than the Lord, our relationships suffer; all of them.

Parents should also take note of where their teen is in the relationship process, making an effort to guide their child each step along the way with a loving and knowing hand.

Dating: A Christian Parent's Role It is not surprising that many parents find themselves lost when it come to understanding their proper role in this evolutionary cycle of teen/peer relationship growth.

Parents, for the sake of your children’s physical and emotional health, please say no to teen dating.

Coming from a girl who has the scars to prove it…it’s not worth it.

" These lyrics from The King and I aptly describe the way Western culture views dating today -- an exercise in "knowing" and a continual quest to "find out more" about the other person. First dates used to evoke images of sweaty palms, nervous preparation and a whole bunch of anticipation.

Two people are drawn together to share time, experiences and each other in the quest to satisfy "the need to know." The challenge for Christian parents is "how can we continue to provide for the needed supervision and guidance for our children within the confines of our cultural settings? First dates were events and normally both parties treated them as something special.


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