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The second mark here is set inside a circle with radiating rays. See above the marks of Ellen Malmer and Joanne Gerber from this series.. 2 Royal Copenhagen Art Nouveau Royal Copenhagen Figurines Michael Andersen & Sons Michael Andersen & Son P.2 Soholm Ceramics Soholm P.

If there is any problem (including damage in transit), I will contact you as soon as possible.

If there is something that I misunderstood or that you overlooked (an old repair, or a factory second mark), I will return the item(s) to you, or perhaps make a new offer to reflect the new information.

When, in 1779, King Christian VII assumed financial responsibility, the manufactory was styled the Royal Porcelain Factory.

In 1790, Royal Copenhagen brought out its now famous Flora Danica ‘Blue Fluted’ dinner service, with gilded edge and Danish flora motifs, By 1851, Royal Copenhagen qualified for the World Expo in London.

And most items are NOT worth more to me just because they were shipped across country as opposed to across town.

If you have questions about shipping, I'm happy to help.Most Royal Copenhagen dinnerware made before 1990 has a fractional mark on the bottom (1/1084); that, plus a brief description (dinner plate) is usually sufficient.Please include information about any damage, defects, or repairs; see below for more information on this subject.In you want something in writing to substantiate the retail price for an insurance valuation or claim, I usually charge a modest amount to prepare such a statement, or you can buy the figurine books, or you can just print out the appropriate webpages with my retail prices.If you are not offering something for sale, please do not ask what I would pay for it.Nils Thorsson was Artistic Director of Royal Copenhagen from 1949-1975.He developed both the Baca/Bacca and Tenera lines during the 1960s.When I make an offer, I usually quote a price including shipping.In most cases, you have more control over the shipping costs than I do.It is recognized by its factory mark, the three wavy lines above each other, symbolizing Denmark’s three seas: Kattegat, Nordsøen and Skagerrak.The Royal Copenhagen manufactory's operations began in a converted post office in 1775.


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