Dating petrified wood

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Thus, organic materials supposedly millions of years old should not contain any radiocarbon whatsoever.

Thus, organic materials supposedly millions of years old should not contain any radiocarbon whatsoever.

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Thank you for carbon dating petrified wood answers.

B Biostratigraphy, by dating the age of other known organisms fossilised within the same layer.

One point lost by Bill Nye in the recent debate with Ken Ham was the repeated assertion that YEC researchers had dated fossil wood ~1,000 times younger than the basalt in which it was encased.

If the assertion holds, then radiometric dating methods to which Bill Nye appeals as evidence for an old Earth are potentially flawed.

The environmental factors by which the fossils are harmed are listed in my paper "Conserving the Lesvos Petrified Forest".

Furthermore, as a consequence of the many interconnected mining tunnels, and then the drilling in of a drainage tunnel some 3, feet below the surface under the mines, the whole area has been gradually de-watered by gravity so that water saturation in the rocks is now rarely encountered above 2, feet below the surface.A piece of wood was fossilized in the Hawkesbury Sandstone, Australia, which most geologists date to the middle Triassic, about 225 to 230 million years ago.The wood was dated by Geochron (a commercial dating laboratory) using the carbon-14 method.Unfortunately, Bill Nye did not seem familiar with the claim, reported originally in 1993, despite my prophetic .;) Where did these samples come from, and why were they sent to labs for radiometric dating?Their reasoning was simple and seemingly innocent: if indeed the Earth is old, then fossilized wood from an ancient lava flow should contain no radioactive carbon (14C) today and will not yield a finite age; if the Earth is young as we claim, however, then detectable 14C should be present in the fossilized wood and the K-Ar age of the basalt cannot be taken seriously. Andrew Snelling of Answers in Genesis is available for download from the Institute for Creation Research [Snelling, 2000. For example, 'model' K-Ar ages assume that all argon was expelled from the sample before molten rock cooled, starting the radiometric clock.If any argon was trapped in the mineral structure, however, then the rock will appear far older than it actually is.At the time of burial of this wood in this volcanic complex, there were apprentice stars dating 2013 hot temperatures of the volcanic ash and of the waters in the surface sediments in which the original trees grew and in any sedimentary strata beneath.Meticulous laboratory procedures rule out the possibility that this measured carbon dating petrified wood is due to contamination, so it must instead be intrinsic to these ancient organic materials.Given the demonstrated robustness of the K-Ar and Ar-Ar methods with these improvements, YEC's have more recently attacked the assumption that radioactive decay occurred at a constant and known rate throughout history.Many of them suggest that during/after the Flood, radioactive decay rates increased substantially, giving the false impression that most rocks are millions or billions of years old.


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