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But this shouldn’t come as a surprise since the evolutionary model is so plastic, because it’s based off man’s fallible ideas about the past, that it can accommodate virtually anything.

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“Long laterals and (avoiding) the parent-child relationship” where close well spacing reduces output, drove the deal, said Leach.

“Large, contiguous blocks of acreage are strategic,” he told investors.

RSP Permian controlled the land adjacent to its own in many cases. Producers are drilling longer shale wells - some exceed three miles - to extract more crude from each well. oil producer deals last year was less than half the $137.7 billion in 2013, according to data provider PLS Inc.

Oil company M&A fell in the wake of the 2014 oil price crash and more producers refocused on their best holdings. That could be changing in West Texas’s Permian, the largest U. oilfield, where checkerboard-like leases dating to land grants made to railroads in the 19th century are hemming in producers.

Others compare the mobility of such creatures as marine invertebrates (not very mobile) to humans, birds, and mammals (much more mobile).

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The latter group would have generally been able to seek higher ground as the Flood waters rose.Geologist John Geissman of the University of Texas, who was part of the study, says, “We need to rethink the Permian crisis.”5 They base much of their research on the dating of zircons which appear in the same rock layers as Dicynodon in the fossil record.Of course, in dating Dicynodon so confidently, they ignore the unprovable assumptions behind radiometric dating which make it unreliable.6 The team also noticed “traces of land plant and animal species thought to have gone extinct alongside Dicynodon in younger rocks. [instead they] support the idea that the Permian extinction lacked a land component.”7 The conclusions based on this study are not being accepted by many evolutionists and will certainly continue to be researched.After dropping 8.7 percent on the steep purchase price, Concho shares on Thursday retraced much of the fall, rising 5 percent to 0.33.“The investment community has consistently espoused the merits of consolidation within a highly fragmented business,” said Simmons & Co analyst David Kistler in a note to clients praising the Concho-RSP deal.“Consolidating acreage is going to be extremely meaningful,” said Brook Papau, managing director of RS Energy.“We’ll see more deals.” Smaller companies with prime acreage, especially on the Permian’s western edge, could be buyout candidates, including Abraxas Petroleum (Shared transport systems, such as oil and gas gathering and water disposal, also are driving the need for scale and property acquisitions in addition to horizontal wells, called laterals, Concho Chief Executive Tim Leach said this week.The different rock layers of the Earth are not like a walk through the Geologic Periods (in this case the Permian and the Triassic); instead, they are like a walk from the bottom of the ocean, across the tidal flats, over the shore, across the low-lying areas, and into the uplands and pre-Flood mountain regions.Creationists have presented other reasons as well for the order in the fossil record.8 Many concern the way moving water sorts objects of different weight, density, and buoyancy.Outliers of basalt throughout western Siberia, and extensive subcrops within the West Siberian Basin, are often associated with the 250 Ma Siberian Traps volcanism.Borehole samples located south of the city of Chelyabinsk gave ages of 243.3 ± 0.6 Ma and 242.2 ± 0.6 Ma clearly demonstrating that volcanism to the southeast of the Urals is ~7 Ma younger than the main activity on the Siberian craton and within the WSB (Reichow et al. Sills with Triassic ages were also reported (Ivanov et al., 2005) in the Kansk-Taseevskaya basin along the southern border of the Siberian craton and for extrusive rocks in the Semeitau area, Kazakhstan (Lyons et al., 2002).


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