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Sometimes "evidense" can't simply "speak for itself" and conclusions are required to advance and test certain models, as in the ongoing debate over the apparent connection between the Athapaskan languages of Western North America and the Ket language of South-west Siberia, the proposed Den-Yeniseian language family.

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It remains for an enterprising historian of science to one day chronicle the t Though generally following Kehoe's lede concerning narrow-minded institutionalized authority judgments, "The Cave Who Never Was: Outsider Archaeology and Failed Collaboration in the USA" also seeks to further distinguish between pseudoscience, "fringe" archaeology, and methodologically sound anthropological hypotheses. Wilson provides examples which illustrate the ethical quandary some professionals face when confronted with a "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth" scenario.

BTW, though Carter's 100,000 BCE date for the initial colonization of the Americas and his work on the pre-Columbian diffusion of the New World chicken to the Old are still hotly contested, his theories on the early spread of sweet potatoes from South America into the Pacific and Asia have been vindicated.

So, score one for the "Outsider" underdog (and "truth")!

And, of course, money and the promise of money was/is involved.

I remain disappointed that such popular science magazines such as Skeptic, Skeptical Inquirer, Discover, Archaeology Magazine, etc., never saw fit to address the BC hoax.


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