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Do you’ve daydream to meet cute Russian girl, have many hesitancies? Worldwide on-line dating service does anything possible to make your personal daydreams come true.

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It’s my special address which I only use for message boards, and I make sure to always hide it in the options. Last spring there was a glitch here and many of the members received e-mails which were meant for someone else.

Actually, this web site was set up on 13 January 2007 and I have a bit better memory than forgetting where I signed up no earlier than two weeks ago. The e-mails read like: Dear RWD member, This message is to inform you that we've just moved the RWD( Russian Women Discussion ) Forum!

The owner will not be liable or responsible for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.

The text on this website are my opinions and only my opinions, Period!

The owner Gregory actually lives there in Ukraine and know whats going on with most of the marriage agencies there. and I am the new owner of I HAVE CHOOSEN NOT TO PUT MY PHOTO ON THIS WEBSITE DO TO ALL THE BAD MARRIAGE AGENCIES OUT THERE TRYING TO DESTROY DAVE, ME AND THIS WEBSITE. I WOULD NOT USE THIS AGENCY or the company who owns them "Travel & Tourism Solutions" Email me at [email protected] I will tell you why!

The bad agencies have brought lawsuits against my friend Dave and this website. GOLD LIST We do not accept money to post advertisements on our website for any marriage agencies or women who belong to marriage agencies.I must confess, despite being around I do not know for sure who Jim is and what exactly he does. But what makes me angry is this web site claims that I receive the e-mail because I opted so in their web site which is arrogant lies!I had never visited the site before this e-mail this morning.With not receiving any money from marriage agencies we are not influenced in anyway.You will only find the truth We are 100% impartial!Use the services that’ll create comfort in your conversation.Letters from scammer Sarah Zachariah in Dakar (Senegal) to Brad (France) Letters from scammer Margaret Baabe in Dakar (Senegal) to Brad (France) Letters from scammer Christy Saam in Lagos (Nigeria) to Victor (Portugal) Letters from scammer Chelsea King in Lagos (Nigeria) to Eric (USA) Letters from scammer Rosine Smith in Accra (Ghana) to Brad (France) Demetra Gilbert, 32 y.o., USA, Alabama City, Demetra Sharon [email protected] Soul, 50 y.o., Ulyanovsk, Russia, 00789251611166, [email protected] Goldstadt, 28 y.o., New Orleans, USA Arias Edwin, 32 y.o., San Francisco, California, USA Abigeal Awudi, 26 y.o., Ghana Accra, Unknown Sarah Keeling, 31 y.o., Brooklyn, , [email protected], 51 y.o., Edwardsville, [email protected] Roberts, 47 y.o., Australia New South Wales, 0 BONNIE MAVROS, 50 y.o., CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA/ LORAN, OHIO, 4407834492, [email protected] Akanisoum, 33 y.o., Accra, Ghana, 233 , [email protected] the place to find the most up-to-date information on female scammers anywhere in the world.Read how gentlemen from almost all over the wide world evaluate the services.100’s of cute single ladies looking for their soulmates are presented on dating website. They’re open to sincere conversation, to improvement of permanent close relationship leading to marriage.What’s more, my username and address are not known to their message board.And the e-mail address they spammed me at is not my general address.


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