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"There is no such thing as not ever thinking of color," she says."When (we) walk into places, I think, ' People see this couple, and what does it mean?

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Even among people who have dated a person of another race, when they are ready to 'get serious' they tend to marry someone of the same race." Still, mixed marriages are on the rise.

Black-white marriages have gone up from 65,000 in 1970 to 422,000 in 2005, according to Census Bureau figures.

The challenges, she says in an interview, have been "more along the lines of naiveté." People wonder about how her family blends cultures and celebrates holidays.

They spend a lot of time talking with their son, now 8, and their 5-year-old adopted daughter, who is black. They also are members of the Unitarian Church and a church group for interracial and diverse families where their children "get to see a bit of a reflection of themselves," Sarah says.

Overall, sociologists estimate that less than 2 percent of married couples in the U. were of different races in 1970, a number that went up to more than 7 percent — or more than 4 million — by 2005.

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The Harrises Several New Mexico couples who are making mixed-race marriages work say support from their families, not worrying about what others think and choosing the right place to live are keys to success.

"To make a mixed marriage last, you have to be pretty confident in who you are." When they retired and decided to move from Syracuse, the South was not an option.

They had visited New Mexico, and the state's long-standing integration of races helped make it their choice.

They married in Boulder, Colo., and spent time in Paris before moving to Albuquerque.

In Paris, some people mistook Sarah, who is black, for her biracial but light-skinned son's nanny.


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