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The movements in these Ingraham mantel clocks run very efficiently thanks to their deadbeat escapement.

The case is 13 1/16 inches tall and 8 5/8 inches wide.

This clock is […] Read More This Ingraham tambour mantel clock is dated 1940 on the movement. The movement has been simplified from the earlier ones.

The escapement is located on the back of the movement, and there is no regulator through the dial, the pendulum must be removed and its nut turned to […] Read More This Ingraham oak kitchen clock had a terrible looking replacement dial when my customer brought it in.

Many of his cases utilized an unusual figure "8" door design for which he had received a patent in 1857.

Rosewood veneered case models with names such as "Doric", "Venetian", and "Ionic" were often made in several sizes and held their popularity with the public for many years.Atwood set up and managed the movement department for Ingraham for some years.Elias Ingraham (1805-1885) designed a variety of popular cases and case features for the firm, receiving 17 patents between 18. Clocks of this type were popular around 1900 to 1920. The fix was simple – disassemble the movement and turn over the count wheel, shown below at the left: (This clock has “Count Wheel” […] Read More Here is a late-model oak kitchen clock, made December 1934 (12 34 date code on the movement). He said after a friend cleaned it, the strike sequence was backwards (striking 12, then 11, 10, 9, etc).Thinner mainsprings are available, and should be used to replace old replacement springs that are too strong.Here is […] Read More This Ingraham “beehive” shaped mantel clock has an 8-day time and strike movement dated 3 14 (March 1914).After the overhaul, I installed a Merritt’s P1496 mainspring […] Read More E-Mail Me at Bill's Clockworks My clock shop is at 8 W. My shop is typically open weekdays 9 - 4 and Saturday mornings, but not always.It is best to E-Mail Me me to set up an appointment if you are making a special trip to see me.The oak kitchen clock became popular around 1900 (the walnut-cased models were popular earlier, beginning about the 1880s).Many of the walnut cased clocks have carving, but the designs were pressed into the oak cases.


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