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The video chats have the goal to better acquaint and ensure credibility to both parties, reaffirming interests.Direct E-mails mobiles contacts with the approved candidates While communicating with the candidates by E-mail or Skype chat, clients are free to request them their E-mail addresses and mobile contacts information which will be personally given by the candidate while communicating with our client or later on through our offices and with the candidate consent.

FHDating Ltd can not be held responsible for the completeness of the report or validity after being provided to the applicant/client.

FHDating Ltd codes of honor and privacy rules forbade the disclosure, legal use or misuse of the provided information about the screened individuals and considered for strict private guidance porpoises.

: The transmitted reports to the client/men accordingly with the female/candidates feedback, though supervised upon its actual veracity by the assigned matchmaker, FHDating Ltd can not be held responsible for the completeness of the reports and their validity after being provided.

During the communication with the selected candidates, the participants are free to request/exchange personal contact information at both parties free willing.

Moreover, our Match Search is not restricted to the database as we can recommend other not enlisted potential candidates of our acquaintance, as also extend our action with a background check on any acquainted person to our client and at his request.

Our unique characteristics and ability to communicate directly with any prospective candidate (represented or not by us), and personally report to our clients the women integrity and intentions helping him optimizing his performance and results, is a priceless added value.

Free translated E-mail exchange with the approved candidates After the 5 to 7 working days required to gather the selected candidates feedback, our office designated Consultant will personally start handling the clients' E-mails exchange till a maximum of 20 emails per each candidate to the peak of 7 candidates and within the membership term.

Follow-ups with advice and guidance about candidates' feedback We provide tailored information and consulting to both involved parties on how to decode cultural differences and behaviors related to social habits, mentality, and language barriers.

Matchmakers cannot actively search for matches for Basic members.

If you would like all of benefits listed above including a matchmaker to be constantly searching for a match you can upgrade to GOLD at any time.


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