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“The issue with law firms is that, unlike a company, law firms are partnerships, so it’s less clear who the boss is,” Debbie Epstein Henry, the founder of DEH Consulting, told Bloomberg Law Jan. “In a law firm structure, the equity partners share the control and power,” so there is “opportunity for abuse of power.” “Every partner is an owner,” Andrew Horowitz, an associate at Obermayer who handles sexual harassment and discrimination claims, told Bloomberg Law Jan. “It’s very hard to tell them what to do.” The governing structure of law firms also isn’t conducive to policing workplace dating.“It’s a male-dominated industry, and the management of a law firm tends to be even more male-dominated,” Horowitz said.

“For many years, the thought was that somebody would leave if they were dating,” according to Ronda Muir, principal at Law People Management, in Greenwich, Conn.

The electronic interweb – President Obama’s attempt to mind-control everyone to lay down their guns and be terminated by Federal Death-Panels – is alive with a new sensation, courtesy of dating website e Harmony.

[Note to self: must stop watching Fox News.] As reported in the last issue of , the site lists 15 reasons to date a lawyer, ranging from the arguable, if you happen to be at the criminal Bar – (4) “Lawyers are financially secure” – to the debatable – (3) “Most lawyers are fantastic dressers (Yes, more than one suit in his/her closet)” – to the somewhat speculative – (13) “Lawyers are eloquent, articulate and very insightful when it comes to reading another person’s character” (!!

Management-side lawyers are hosting webinars and writing blogs advising employers how to avoid situations that give rise to such lawsuits. Of course, we’ve all heard that former President Barack Obama met his wife, Michelle Robinson Obama, at Sidley & Austin in Chicago, where she was his mentor.

But Bloomberg Law wanted to find out how common law firm romances are, and what ramifications they have for law firms as workplaces. Bloomberg Law contacted 50 law firms, but none would reveal their official policies on workplace dating.


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