Dating for ex mormons

And so I have been keeping quiet, out of love for my family.

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And here was a man, living in the heart of Utah, married to a faithful Mormon woman, who had the strength to leave the Mormon Church and then to write about the good, the bad, and the messiness of his experience with a candor that I had never seen before.

He gave me hope that I too could one day be as honest. I still don’t know what the full price of my honesty may be.

We keep quiet because we do not want to face the condemnation of the people we once thought were our friends.

However, silence does not fix the problem - at best, silence is a temporary solution.

Last year, I read the book “Heaven Up Here” by John Williams.

I was astonished by his honesty in chronicling his mission experience.We live three hours from my brother - in the three years since we moved to Texas, we have visited my brother a dozen times, during which he pokes fun at my husband’s vegetarianism, oblivious to the irony of mocking a Hindu’s dietary restrictions when as a Mormon he abstains from coffee, tea, and alcohol.On the rare occasion he visits our home, he feels comfortable bringing meat with him, when my husband and I refrain from bringing coffee into his home.This not only prompted his leaders to accuse him of being filled with the spirit of Satan; it prompted his family to reread the New Testament with fresh eyes.As a result, Lynn; her children; and her husband, Michael, eventually left LDS.Around this time, her son Micah called home from his two-year Latter Day Saints (LDS) mission trip and said that church leaders were threatening to ex-communicate him.He had read the Bible on his own, embraced biblical Christianity, and announced it during his parting testimony.She and Michael started a ministry to former Mormons and have written two books, Lynn took the time to talk with us about things like the difference between Mormonism and Christianity, why Mormons are so nice, and what goes on in temple rituals. Some folks think Mormonism is just a slight variation from orthodox Christianity.Can you briefly describe three central ways that Mormon beliefs are different from orthodox Christianity? Mormonism teaches the only way to eternal life with our heavenly Father is to join Mormonism and faithfully attend Mormon temples.I am grateful for Sue’s courage in going public with her experience as a Mormon woman.For years, I have been standing by the sidelines, wanting to tell my Mormon story but too afraid to speak out.


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