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You’ll notice how many people perk up and will return a warm smile or even greet you.They also appear when you’re focusing intensely on something (like studying or playing a first person shooter).Doing this prevents you from showing a variety of positive emotions which then makes people perceive you as unfriendly.At the same time, leading with the physical change will subsequently influence your mental state to be at ease.While all the advice above is helpful, it only matters if you can actually apply it.This brings our eyes into sharp focus, increases our stress responses, and results in both our face and our eyes tensing.It greatly inhibits the amount of warmth we can project.Stage 2: Start greeting those strangers with a simple “Hi” while smiling and holding eye contact.Again, you’ll notice how many people return the gesture and how it encourages your mood and motivates you. Stage 3: Use your relaxed focus and 10 rules with people you feel most comfortable with. Recognize if you’re tensing up or breaking any of the guidelines and actively fix them.Stage 4: Use your relaxed focus and 10 rules on every person you have a casual interaction with.This may be cashiers, baristas, tellers, mailmen, professors, etc.


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