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This is also the place where I bagged the rare, 30-year-old Brazilian lion. No, I looked into the lioness' eyes as she lured me back to her den.

When we got back, there were several of her lion family members waiting.

The place is packed with Panthera leo europaea - that's European lion, to stick with the theme. Session 73 A little further north of my Midtown East hunting grounds, I've done a lot of damage at Session 73.

And to continue that hunting theme, I have been absolutely mauled on the Highline. Maybe it's the booze or the live music from wannabe 80s rock bands that sooth the lionesses into a state of comfort around me, but whatever it is, it works.

The L train is one of the best looking trains and it's hard to not have someone catch your eye.

On a typical Saturday night, I'll fall in love with at least two people while riding the train.Hey, a girl can only swipe left and right for so long!For girls, picking up guys IRL isn't hard, however, picking up guys IRL that aren't crazy/gross/horrible is hard and can be exhausting.Nausea and regret are the most common side effects as you watch your true love exit the train at Union Square.Washington Square Park My Sunday routine includes an everything bagel with plain cream cheese, iced coffee, a book and a couple of hours in Washington Square Park.For me, going to a bar is like being out on a hunting safari.I want to bag the lioness - the most beautiful and feared predator out there.I've made a livelihood off of Tinder, so it's tough for me to come down on it.However, there are times when I just don't want to use Tinder and prefer a face-to-face interaction with a woman. That doesn't sound right, but let me put it in perspective so you ladies are on the same page.Pro tip: Your opening line is literally right in front of my face. Head to am every Friday, as Matthew and Kelly take on the realities of dating in NYC from both sexes' points of view.To inquire about NYC dating advice, email them at [email protected]


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