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I can’t tell you the number of women I’ve met who were all into me, and I was into them, but two weeks later they’d lose interest.

I’m so glad I’ve kept my pants on during any number of dating experiences. She’ll feel really good about being the only woman you’ve shared that toy with.

It’s not whether you’re wearing shorts, jeans, or a skirt; you need to feel great because it will make you feel more confident.

And please don’t tell me you’re showing up for a first date in the clothes you’ve been gardening, painting or running around in all day.

It’s more common to see “separated” in online dating these days, but never in my life would I date someone who was just separated.

Tell me it’s done and over and you identify as single and ready. Make a decision to get out, or get in there and work on making it better.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to start dating and begin a relationship.

Here are my top 9 must-know rules for doing it the RIGHT way.

If you’re meeting for the proverbial first date and it’s for coffee, find the most interesting, fun, and unique coffee shop in the city and meet there. Then repeat part of her story back and say something like “Tell me more…” And while she tells you these things, listen. Don’t say to yourself “It’ll be different with me…” because it won’t.

Or find out how she likes her coffee, pick it up, and meet her in a beautiful park, public garden, or on a hiking trail. Figure out how you can make her feel special without going overboard. While you’re first getting to know each other, listen intently. You can learn so much in the early dating days if you’ll just listen more and talk less.


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