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Xavier was one of the founders of the Society of Jesus.

In 1541 AD the Jesuit priest was sent by the Pope to spread Christianity in the Portuguese colonies.

The mortal remains of the patron saint of Goa are kept in a silver casket and are believed to have miraculous powers of healing. Every ten years the sacred relics are carried in procession to the Se Cathedral for a public viewing. Francis Of Assisi, Goa Built by Franciscan Friars, this ancient church and convent has a Tuscan facade and Baroque interiors.

It contains gilded and carved woodwork, floral frescoes and old murals depicting the life of the saint.

Here the Christian festivals like Christmas and Easter are celebrated with the joyous ringing of bells and the singing of melodious hymns.

Some of the churches mentioned below draw pilgrims, some are famous landmarks in their respective cities.In 1498 AD the Portuguese mariner Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India and soon Christian priests began arriving in India to establish churches. Francis Xavier arrived in Goa in 1542 AD and he is buried there.The Portuguese established a colony in Goa and some of the oldest churches in the country were built there.Today Christianity is the third largest religion in India and the country has many beautiful and ancient churches that are visited by members of every faith.Churches were built in India often keeping to the architectural traditions of European countries.He wandered with his twelve companions, called Apostles, teaching to the poor and healing the sick.His most famous sermon is the Sermon on the Mount that has inspired people for centuries.Jesus is called Christ or the messiah by his followers and he taught a moral path using parables that are remembered till today.He preached about having faith in God, treating people with kindness and love, of helping the poor and forgiving sinners.Christianity came to India much before many countries in Europe. He landed at Muzuris (modern Kodungallur) hoping to convert the Jewish community that had settled there. Thomas worked in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and laid the foundation of seven churches in the region.He was martyred in Mylapore in the modern city of Chennai in 72 AD and was buried there.


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