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I’m noticing there are more hearing people dating deaf people largely because they are learning ASL and think we’re cool people. You need to know ASL (duh) and be darned good at it or have a passion for it. ” anymore and able to talk with our Deaf friends at ease without looking at us for help. If you don’t know what’s that sign or what we’re talking about, ask. If you really want to date a deaf person, watch “Children of Lesser God” first to get some idea. It’s impolite not to tell us who you got off the phone with.

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And it's sadness and hurt that the one I love has used those words. I am exhausted from work, from listening for five days straight in the morning, during the day and at night.By the end of the week, if I've heard those words enough, or if they have suddenly been accompanied by a loud, exasperated sigh, multiple deep breaths or fingers clenching and unclenching on the steering wheel, well the tears don't usually wait until I'm in the safe haven of my own car. I am frustrated with myself for having the problem and with others for just not getting it.I am already hurt to the point that the knowledge that he really doesn't mean it, is simply gone.And when you're dating someone, are in love with someone, the conversations you have can become a source of sadness and sometimes a reason to fight.I've dated the most amazing guy for about three years now, and we still have issues with my hearing, on a weekly, if not daily basis.He will still do his best to make sure I can see his face, to wait for somewhere quiet to talk about things that are important, and he will always know that I will never hear normally.He will forget, and for a while I will not blame him.He does his best to be patient, but in all honesty, I can't really blame him for sometimes getting frustrated and just giving up.I mean it's been three years after all, and if I were him, I'd probably have pushed me off a bridge at this point.While I am sure the SXM fantasy football stations help to encourage more repetitions than normal without complaint, talking is still much easier and much nicer than when we are in his Camaro. Hell, I used to love the subs blasting bass beats in my high school buddies' trunks, but now, whether as a subconscious effort to protect what little hearing I have left or whether my sensitivity to the "loud noise" has increased due to my older years, I dread talking in that Camaro.I dread it because he can't look at me and drive, and more-than-half the time while driving I can't hear without reading his lips.


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