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Torres had a four-year relationship with Filipino actor Aga Muhlach, now married to Charlene Gonzalez, a Miss Universe 1994 top six finalist. In February 2017, Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres was asked whether or not she would be willing to do a romantic TV series with her former boyfriend and leading man Aga Muhlach, she said she was more than willing to.

Torres and Muhlach first met on the set of her first Philippine movie, Basta't Kasama Kita (As Long As I'm With You). Torres returned to Puerto Rico in 1998 and released her only album called Antifaz.

It’s cute to see.” She’s also glad to see her life fall back into place.

Set to start filming the boxing drama this month, she’s finally comfortable in her own skin, with or without Mr. “I’m happy, and I don’t put my happiness in anybody else,” says Torres, who’s been “taking a break” from her former boyfriend, star Amaury Nolasco, since March.

It reached the top of Billboard charts in Latin America and the Philippines.

She also starred in several theater productions on the island.

That same year, a "Dayanara" doll was released and sold out in both Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

Torres later starred in Watch Over Me, a My Network TV primetime drama.

“I dreamed of finding my prince, but it doesn’t always happen that way.” Luckily, hers is a fairy tale with a happy, if hard-earned, ending. “You want to move on as quick as possible,” says the Puerto Rican-born actress (who starred in 13 foreign-made films after becoming Miss Universe in 1993). You have to go through the pain to get to the other side.” She went through more than her share.

After Anthony left, she found herself barely able to get out of bed.


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